Qumup is an innovative one-man company that undertakes its own projects as well as projects for others. It mainly focuses on exploring, developing and investing in new online communication concepts, such as the research websites Links23.nl and Rechts23.nl launched in 2023.

In April 2024, Qumup launched the web store Kwantumkortingen.nl, following earlier launches of Derdegratis.nl and Kantooruitrusting.nl in March 2024. Qumup's web shop activities are aimed at generating revenue and funding nonprofit projects with social goals, such as a platform for safe communication on social issues. Qumup will begin work in mid-2024 on a website where employees can safely discuss social safety on a company-by-company basis.

The company's own Web shops also act as showcases for the company's expertise and as experimental platforms to explore new Web shop concepts and test technical capabilities. Kwantumkortingen.nl contains more than 160 thousand articles and 1.4 million product pictures, which requires sophisticated server solutions and efficient management of product information. Qumup has developed software that automatically adds new product information to the web store based on "feeds". The recently launched websites were built with the latest version of Drupal (10), which puts Qumup at the forefront of using advanced technologies. Kwantumkortingen.nl showcases innovative search solutions to quickly navigate its large assortment.

In developing innovative online solutions, Qumup works closely with AI services such as ChatGPT. But Qumup's strength lies not only in using the latest technologies; it is also about creatively applying these technologies to websites with lots of creative content, such as Links23.nl and Rechts23.nl. On these sites, users can not only fill out questionnaires, but also come up with their own statements and submit them with others.

LiqueFactive and Jouwwebmaster are other trade names of Qumup
Depending on the service, Qumup also operates under the other trade names LiqueFactive and Jouwwebmaster. LiqueFactive is derived from Liquefaction, the liquefaction of solids. In this case it is about making communication fluid.

Postal address (not a visiting address) :
Waterweegbree 36
2498 EN Den Haag

VAT identification no: NL004123778B17
IBAN: NL56 KNAB 0416 3240 61
Chamber of Commerce number: 85634395 The Hague
e-mail : info@liquefactive.nl